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Old Forester

2018 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

2018 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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The 2018 edition of Old Forester Birthday Bourbon continues the tradition of excellence and revered taste that has made this limited series from Brown-Forman Distillery so highly sought after. Crafted from a selection of 120 barrels of matured Brown-Forman batched bourbon from different levels of their warehouse, this premium spirit is aged for a minimum of 12 years and presented in a limited run of just 14,400 bottles, each bottled at a barrel strength of 101 proof.

The nose of the 2018 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon offers a rich and complex bouquet, with notes of deep caramel, mixed with the sweetness of berries, brown sugar, and a hint of oak spiciness. On the palate, the whiskey delivers a luxurious taste profile of sweet berries, vanilla, and baker's chocolate, melded with the flavors of baked rye grain and oak.

Overall, the 2018 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon is a superb whiskey that exemplifies the very best of Brown-Forman's craftsmanship and dedication to producing exceptional spirits. Its limited production run and exquisite taste make it a must-have for collectors and whiskey enthusiasts alike, and a testament to the rich heritage of American whiskey-making.

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